Feb 252010

No normal craft night tonight! Instead anyone that feels so inclined can come by to New Resistor and help us paint the floor and the walls. Also maybe do some carpentry. It would be much appreciated, and this is your opportunity to write “fart” in primer on our elevator door!

The new space is at 87 3rd avenue, 4th floor. Corner of Bergen street.

  • Zim

    Good luck with that guys, congratulations for the new place 🙂
    All my best from Argentina!

  • priisholm

    Also congrats and good luck with your new place from Denmark

    A small note on the “fart” part: In Denmark, the indicator, showing that the elevator is running says “i fart” which translates into “running” – http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesspc/32824793/ . Rumors say, that all indicators were covered with gaffa tape when HM The Queen of England visited Denmark in the 50's…