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Thank You!!

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Feb 152010

Our Kickstarter campaign wrapped up this morning, and we’re blown away by the support we’ve received. All told we raised over $3,000 ($3,000.96 to be exact). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Work is commencing on the space, with the first round of paint going up today. Contractors have been hard at work knocking out the bricked in windows to put in new ones, so for the time being it’s a bit chilly in the new space.

We’ll post more photos as we get things done, but here are a few Bre took last week:

Here’s the front room. The fisheye lens makes it look quite a bit bigger than it is, but it’s still a decently sized space! The ladder on the right goes up to a small storage loft, which is above what will become the new laser room. Incidentally, the laser is too large to fit through the door of said room, but that’s nothing a hammer can’t fix. Off the frame to the left is the bathroom and what will become the kitchen area.

NYCResistor 2.0

Next is the back room. This room needs quite a bit of work, as it turns out the superficial floor is pretty gnarly and sagging. We’re putting in a sort of false flooring to smooth things out. As a bonus, we can run Ethernet and audio cables through it so we won’t have to trip over things! There’s talk about a secret compartment for permanently installed DDR pads… Behind the camera is another loft, and at the end of the room you can see a small stage.

NYCResistor 2.0

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to our Kickstarter fund. If you opted to get a ‘reward’ we’ll be in touch shortly to get your address.


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  1. Glad to hear things are going well for your new space! We're about to open doors down here in Virginia this month so we feel your excitement.

  2. Nice fisheye lens. One of the inmates's?

  3. WOW, looks a lot like Makerbot but those arches are AWESOME. Can't wait to come see it – will be back in May!

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