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Feb 082010

A lot of you folks may not know this but, I went to high school ( and graduated from there ) in Brazil. One of my friends from there currently is living in New Jersey. He’s been running since high school ( probably earlier ). Sam has also just recently sold his soul to facebook here

Above is a video of him test firing a 100 KiloJoule rail gun. And I cannot stress this enough… THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING. Sam’s fairly famous so some of you may already know of some of his past exploits, but if not… by all means check his stuff out. Sam’s been inspiring me with his insanity for years.

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  1. Awesome

  2. Sandia Labs had a plan, some 20 or so years ago, to use a HUGE rail gun to launch very small objects ( 10 kg if I recall) most of the way to low Earth orbit ( a small rocket finnishes the job). If these guys can scale up a bit, they could start thier own satellite launching business. Beats using it as a weapon.

  3. What size wire can carry a million amps?

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