Old Video Games

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Feb 042010

Before there was Mario Kart, there was Mystery Cart:

Mystery cart!

Shelby found this Atari 2600 cart lodged in the floor under an eighty-pound steel plate at the new Resistor space.  Other than a ’78 copyright, there’s no indication of what game it might be.  Anyone care to make a guess before we hook it up and read the ROM?

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  • Christian Liendo

    ET, you found the hidden stash

  • Star Wars


    I'll bet on the ubiquitous BreakOut

  • you randomly move to new digs, see an eighty-pound steel plate, you happen to pop it open and find an Atari cart there?? How is that possible?

  • yetanothermike

    What? you don't have a spare 2600 lying around ? I guess I could send you mine 🙂

  • kevinanthony

    my guess would be “Jungle Fever”

  • I've got the chip hooked up to an arduino and have dumped the contents to hex. Get your guesses in now! 🙂

    • Being that it was buried, I'm going to guess Dig Dug.

  • Decca

    I remember a game Canyon Bomber (?) was that Atari or ColecoVision? How about Centipede?

  • Some things weren't meant to be found. It was under that plate for a reason.

  • aj

    Well, what was it?