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Jan 202010 is, in their words, “a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.” They connect people with ideas to the funds needed to make things happen.

Our upcoming move is nothing if not an ambitious endeavor. In addition to the logistical challenge of moving an entire hackerspace full of bizarre and wonderful stuff, we need to prepare the new space with things like a fresh coat of paint and a plethora of electrical outlets. It’s a fair amount of money to come up with in a short time. As such, we’ve started a Kickstarter project for the move, and we’re humbly asking help from members of our community.

For many of us, NYC Resistor is a labor of love. We’re painfully aware of the delicate balance between keeping our space as open and accessible as possible and being able to pay the bills on time. We feel this move is a giant step in the direction of awesome. With our new space, we’ll no longer be stuck deciding whether to host a class which brings in money or have the space available for open hacking. We’ll finally be able to do both.

More than 80% of the funds needed to move to and build out the new space have already been contributed by our own members, and we’re using Kickstarter to bridge the gap to our goal. Even the smallest contributions mean an incredible amount to us.┬áContributors will be immortalized on a sweet plaque at Resistor, along with some other “thank yous” outlined at Kickstarter. Click below to read our full project description!

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