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Jan 182010

Steve Holden & Jacob Kaplan-Moss are teaching a couple NYC based classes. (ZOMGBLT THE Steve Holden! SQUEE!)

Steve is teaching Intro to Python, and Jacob is teaching Practical Django Skills. (Django is pretty cool web framework from what I’ve seen of it so far.)

Intro to Python:

Register fast – this sale ends today:


Note: These classes aren’t held at Resistor – so don’t come here for them! We just wanted to get the word out to everyone interested in learning Python.

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  1. Wow, you weren't exaggerating about the new space being expensive. $60 for something I could teach myself from the Internet is already pretty steep, but $1,195.00 per class? Don't you think that's going a little overboard?

    • It's a pretty fair price for a multiple day professional programming course. Also, having a good teacher explain things to you is infinitely more efficient than the trial and error that self study entails. DIY is an important part of learning, but if you want to pick up a language in a couple days a good teacher is well worth the price.

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