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Nov 302009

If you’ve not been closely watching our calendar, you might have missed Shelby’s DIY Paper Engineering class that’s this Saturday, December 5th. Shelby is a new member of the group and a frequent Craft Night attendee. Her day job is designing pop-up books and cards, and this class will be a two-hour introduction to making your own pop-up things.

You can get all of the details and sign up for the class at

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  1. This is great! I want to know how to make different figures just using a paper.

  2. Love your Blog, hope i will have some time soon to upgrade mine as well :)Woooow, so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful art with us. I can tell that you are such a sweet person as your beautiful work.I can't wait to see the next work of you!What an inspiration. This is such a great idea. I'll be keeping a close eye on your blog and looking forward to each new post.

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