Oct 262009

1000 ideas for creative reuse

So at the end of last year and into the beginning of 2009, the folks at the extreme craft blog were soliciting for submissions for their 1000 ideas for creative reuse book. And since creative reuse is the very essence of hacking, I decided to submit my ( at the time new ) mp3 grenade project. It got into the book! So my idea is idea number 579 of 1000 fairly amazing ideas. Review and more after the click!

Idea 0579

Now my review:

The one review on amazon.com gives it five stars, but the buyer laments that the title implied that it would be more instructional than it was. True, it’s definitely light in the extreme on instructions. But, at 1000 ideas, I can’t imagine just how much text based instruction you would actually be expecting.

I wouldn’t buy this expecting a lesson in design methodology. Hell I wouldn’t ask you to trust me on design methodology. But, that’s not where I see value in this book. To me, it’s kinda of a coffee table book. Something fun to look at, and somewhat inspirational. You can pick it up turn to any page and just see creative and unique ideas flow. For me, that’s of the utmost value. They say genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Well, you can’t start on the remaining 90% without the first 10, so you may as well start getting inspired if you want to be a genius.

Anyways… the book is available from amazon here: Amazon.com I don’t make a dime off the book, and I still say it’s worth the purchase. But that’s just me. I also hate e-readers, so maybe you shouldn’t listen to my opinion. Think for yourself.

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