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Aug 262009

My long time friend Seth, and a founding member of the hackerspace in Toronto is making a run at Board of Directors for (ISC)2. In case you aren’t familiar with what (ISC)2 does, read their “about” page. The short story is, they set the standards for testing and certification requirements in the Information Security arena for large enterprises. The now almost mandatory CISSP certification is one of their creations.

For a long time now there has been considerable dismay in the hacking community with the quality of the CISSP certification. In spite of this, it has become the defacto standard in required education for work in any infosec related field of technology. Which is why it’s time for some reform. Seth is a proven security professional whose academic background is grounded in math and more specifically cryptography. He has presented several times at Black Hat and other prestigious ( and less prestigious) conferences in matters of security and cryptography. He currently is a malware researcher for a major anti-virus company. He’s also a pretty cool guy and doesn’t afraid of anything.

As a former security auditor myself, I’ve seen first hand some of the very real problems with the CISSP and the industry that’s built atop it. Placing Seth in a position to make changes to the way (ISC)2 does business is better for everyone in the long run. Which is why I’ve decided to make this post. If you or someone you know holds a CISSP certification please let them know about Seth’s campaign for a seat on the board of Directors. Only CISSP holders can vote for these positions.

You can read more about the campaign here:

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