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Jul 232009


Just a reminder, there’s about a week left to register for Ben Combee’s Webduino
class; it’s next Sunday at 2pm at NYC Resistor.  Here’s what’s
happening in the 2+ hour timeslot:

1) you’ll setup Arduino boards with Ethernet shields.  Ben has some
extra shields if you’re interested.
2) you’ll hook them all up to a router
3) you’ll load up web server code that reads input pins and can modify
output pins.  It will be fun toggling LEDs on each others boards
over the net.
4) Ben will go over how to modify the web server to read your own sensors
and control things like speakers and displays.

Ben’s library of code is online at

; Ben’s about to push a 1.2 update that adds some more capability to the form

Sign up is at,  If you need
a shield, they’re $40 and you can pay Ben at class, just mail him to
reserve one.

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