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Jul 092009

I always wanted a cute little herb garden. There are two problems: I live in an apartment with no yard, and I have a black thumb. I generally forget about my houseplants, and then they die.

Which is why I’m excited that my attempt at building an aeroponic garden for growing basil, oregano, etc has been successful so far:
Basil, Oregano, and Lettuce

I set up two different pots, one using an air pump and airstone, the other using a water pump and some tubing/sprayers. The results have been mixed, and I’m still revising things. But now I have some basil that’s just about ready for me to steal some of. The nice thing about this setup is that it’s totally automatic. I can forget about it for a week and that’s just fine. All I have to do is top off the water once a week or so.

A full report, including an explanation of how the two setups were built can be found here:

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  1. If you transplant that basil into pots as big as you can manage in your apt, it can go to 2-3 (4+ outside) feet. Keep pinching off the tops and that’ll help keep it from running away and going to seed. Otherwise, all you’ll probably ever have is a cute garnish.

    One can never have enough basil. It’s probably the single best (legal) home-grown value there is.


  2. you should contact the people making window gardens at eyebeam and share!

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