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Jul 082009

First some credits on the video:

Alicia Gibbs: Camera Woman
Adam Mayer: Sound and Special Effects Engineer
Raphael Abrams: Hacker 2
Charles Pax: Hacker 1
Matt Joyce: Himself

Special thanks to Nick Farr, and NYCResistor for their continued support

Join us as we depart from New York City and head off to experience Hacking at Random 2009. For the same price as two years ago you get:

* Round trip airfare from New York City to Dusseldorf, Germany (Read this good review on the airplanes you’ll be boarding)
* Transportation from Dusseldorf to the HAR campsite
* Paid full admission to HAR
* Accommodations in an on-campsite lodge at HAR
o Nights of August 13-16 in a permanent structure
o Hot showers
o Sheets and towels included
* The opportunity to mingle with the best and brightest in the global hackerspace community

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff for only $1,337. What’s not included?

* Your transportation to and from New York City.
* Meals while at HAR and after the camp.
* Accommodations for the evening of August 17 and 18. This time is on your own and activities and lodging on these days is not included in the price. You can join a hackerspaces tour, head out to Amsterdam or Berlin…whatever you’d like!
* Transportation back to Dusseldorf is not included. (And we’re not responsible if you miss your flight back home!)

You will need to be in New York City on August 12 at 10 AM

Our current booking is scheduled to return to New York City on August 19 by 5 PM.

Because we have a group fare, we require all names to be confirmed before tickets can be issued.

Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions.

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  6 Responses to “Hackers get on the Fscking Plane!”

Comments (6)
  1. Accommodation in a permanent structure?
    This is a camp guys! You’re supposed to go to sleep in a pool of rain water, be eaten up by mosquitos during the night and be cooked alive in a hot tent in the morning.

  2. A gentleman does not cohabitate with insects, nor does he rest his bones directly upon the alter of the earth.

  3. Wow, a video that spends its first 20 seconds showing the audience somebody writing a URL… f*** off! ( This commentator gets angry at things on the internet and comments upon them. Feel sorry for him, but never give in to his need for attention. )

  4. What? This vid has been on 5 months, and nobody said “I've had it with these (beep)ing hackers on this (beep)ing plane!!! Too bad

  5. What? This vid has been on 5 months, and nobody said “I've had it with these (beep)ing hackers on this (beep)ing plane!!! Too bad

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