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Jun 252009

That’s a long title. I know. But filled with awesome. Fatman and Circuit Girl is an internet video series that is the culmination of the combined efforts of the indomitable Jeri Ellsworth, and the 8-bit era superstar Fatman (George Sanger). Earlier this year Fatman and Circuit girl did a live show at Notacon. I was running a hackspace at Notacon with the help of Mitch Altman (who is a hell of a guy). However, the night before Notacon we were running into some problems with our mode of transportation to Notacon. Our man with a van so to speak was without the proverbial van. So I called everyone I knew who wouldn’t mind a call at 11 at night and might be willing to shuffle off to Cleveland at a moments notice. This basically was a very very short list. But as luck would have it… Nick Farr came through with a car ( a now infamous vehicle known amongst the hacker world as mr black, though very nearly mr pink ). We still needed a backup driver. So I called Noah, figured this sort of event would be right up his alley. And sure enough he was excited to go. So he joined NYCR members Rose and myself on a trip to overcast Cleveland. We had a great time, and Noah was able to show off his augmented reality rig at Fatman and Circuit girl’s live show. Anyways this is the video from that event.

Oh the stories we have… and the videos that follow.

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  1. Noah was cool enough to stop by our labs when he was in Santa Fe. Funny, because his arrival was during our first Physical Computing / Arduino class! Grats to Noah and his incredible invention.

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