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Foulab Video

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May 252009

From Jack Oats made a mini documentary called “repurpose” about the montreal based foulab. We got a shout out, which is very cool. It’s awesome to know that our talk at hope helped in some small way make this happen.

Anyways awesome job foulab!

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  1. Only Hackers, Scientists, Atheists and Geeks will survive!. Awesome vid!, keep on trucking!!!. Reine and her Dog “Poutou”.

  2. This is groovy, I like it.

    I wonder if there are any of this groups in San Francisco California…I have not been able to successfully find these types of groups. It seems like they do not appear in Google at all.

    Does anyone know about any groups in SF???

  3. SF Cali has Noisebridge. They are in our hackerspaces tab on the main page, and will be present at Maker Fair.

    Check it out.

  4. I was very impressed with this video. This is piece shows us the developing revolution in robotic hobbist. The statement made at the end about passive consumer electronics was very profound. I am an educator and would like to share this video with other educators. I’d like to see more of this. I think a full length documentary would be appropriate for public television geared toward high school adolescents. I will be sharing with other educators.

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