Apr 212009

Arduino circuit

We’ve got some rad classes coming up at Resistor!

April 26 – Soldering 101
Learn the basics of soldering while constructing a TV B Gone.

May 2 – Fire the Lazzor!
Bre’s laser class is back! Learn to use our Epilog Mini laser engraver. The class is a ton of fun, and allows you to come back later for more laser cutting if you’re so inclined!

May 3 – Wireless Wearables
Construct your own networked fabric with a LilyPad XBee board, radio, and conductive thread.

May 16 – PCB Design with Eagle
Back by popular demand, Zach will show you how to design a printed circuit board which you can etch yourself or send out to have manufactured.

May 30 – Beginning PHP
Learn one of the internet’s most prolific scripting languages, no prior programming experience required.

  • You guys are going to make me move to NYC, you know that right?