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Apr 082009

This video is of a panel attended by former L0pht members in Boston 2008. It’s a really fun talk. And it’s amazing but l0pht is now over 10 years old… also now owned wholesale by Symantec =/. I really miss the HNN, woulda been neat if in a parallel dimension they ended up beating out Slashdot.

But it’s an interesting panel by some of the first folks in the United States to run a successful hacker space in a time when such spaces were very few and far between. Plus every one of the L0pht members was every bit as interesting as the history of their space.

Check out for more info.

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  1. HNN was a great site and is still sorely missed. I never got into Slashdot and probably never will. HNN, 2600, l0pht, Phrack and attrition really helped those of us thrown into computer security head first.

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