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Apr 072009

Noah Zerkin, is a regular at NYC Resistor events and craft nights. Also pretty well known in the local community for his DIY augmented reality work. In fact he gave a quick talk ( his first ever =P ) at IgniteNYC 3. He just posted this video ( saw it via twitter ). I am reposting it so people can get super excited by the work he is doing. It’s amazing stuff. And it can best be described as…. Nintendo eat your heart out.

Or for fans of the wizard… “It’s soooo baaaad…”

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  1. wow, that is fantastic. Nice job Noah!

  2. Thanks, Nick! And thank YOU, Matt. You rock, as always 😀

  3. very cool. i have to finally come visit nyc resistor when i’m back in brooklyn next week, and especially want to see about some of the AR stuff happening.

    > Or for fans of the wizard… “It’s soooo baaaad…”


  4. I bow to your eliteness!

  5. Noah

    Brilliant. Well done. This has awesome potential.

    It will change they way we look at data forever.

    Even for gaming it opens up a whole new paradigm.

    Where did you get the video spectacle?

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