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Mar 012009

So, there was discussion today around the tables at NYCResistor as people worked on their various projects regarding the ability to produce bots that “baited” people. Bre, remarked that designing a bot that sat around eliciting angry responses would be simple and very similar to simply capturing things I say and spraying them about.

This is when I was reminded of a project I wrote when I was in my first year of college. I was having some trouble showing up to classes, and I needed to ween myself off of IRC, so I basically wrote a bot that would take care of my IRC session for me while I was gone. It was like methadone for an IRC addiction. Sure I was still suffering withdrawal, but the channel was none the wiser and I suffered no ill effects from my repeated absences.

What’s really astounding is the simplicity of the code, and that it somehow lasted 3 weeks before someone realized it was a bot. Ultimately the zero delay responses are what got it caught.

Anyways here’s a blast from the past… one of my first perl scripts…

Full of early 2000 IRC goodness. Enjoy! Please don’t judge me.

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  1. ah the days of pinging off the internet.

    hows svidrigailov?

  2. Even nine years later this script is still win.

  3. Where are the “baiters” these days? seems 13yrs behind.

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