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Feb 212009

My friend Lou Amadio up in Seattle decided to really find out if his home was efficient, and if not then where the problems were. He turned to a really AWESOME solution: a thermal imaging camera. His blog entry is filled with all sorts of cool pictures of his house. I really want to do this in my tiny apartment for no reason other than to get some cool pix.

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  1. So, where did he get the thermal imaging camera?

  2. Very cool, guys. Queue Predator clicky throat growl.

  3. Sergey, very interesting way to “audit” the house’s thermal efficiency….sounds like that could be a niche biz for those in the northeast.

  4. # Commercial Roof IR Inspectors
    # Building Diagnosticians
    # Commercial Electrical IR Inspectors
    # Law Enforcement/Security

    These professionals are using thermography to inspect buildings and houses efficiency Since infrared radiation is emitted by all objects near room temperature, according to the black body radiation law, thermography makes it possible to “see” one's environment with or without visible illumination

  5. Nice job with the thermal imaging camera, what were the results for Lou?

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