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Feb 202009


Think Geek sent us 7 boxes full of Cyber Surfers that needed to be “disposed of”.  We said no problem.  What are we doing with 20+ cyber surfers?  Having a helicopter war of course!  The rules are as follows:

  • The destruction will take place on Feb. 28th an hour before sunset. Don’t be late.
  • The location is still TBA
  • You must mod your chopper to be on a different frequency than the others, fly it on xbee or swap the crystal
  • If you are getting this post emailed to you – you know who you are and what your role is
  • Any way of destruction is acceptable as long as it doesn’t harm humans from 10 yards away
  • Be creative, the person who takes down the most other choppers wins
  • This is what the inside of your controller looks like, but you should already know that:


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