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Jan 292009

MakeNYC Meeting 10

MakeNYC held it’s 10th meeting at NYC Resistor last evening. Phil Torrone the editor of Make Magazine stopped by and dropped off some freebies. We held a timer challenge in which 4 teams worked tirelessly throughout the night to construct awesomely unique devices that would be able to be initiated on command, count to 10 seconds, then ring a bell. The results were awesome. The winning team won 4 bottles of club mate (courtesy of me). Much fun was had by all, and we are looking forward to an even more awesome event next time. Thanks to all who showed up, and the continual support we’ve received throughout the DIY and hacker communities. You guys are awesome.

A special apology to those of you we asked not to come due to the shear volume of people that RSVP’ed… Resistor isn’t enormous… and MakeNYC is looking for a larger space so that we don’t have to ask people not to come. Please bear with the growing pains.

In the meantime though…

Check out these two videos taken by Gabe:

The first is of the winning design, commentary by the designers:

The second video is of a similar design that came very close to beating the above:

Also checkout the MakeNYC flickr group (All my images have been added as have others):

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