Jan 262009

Firefox Hacking Workshop

We learned how how to make your internetz better with awesome blinky LEDs all over your internetz, like this:

This is what ya’ll missed at the plug-in firefox workshop, btw.

First, take this code:
and copy it. Then make it funky. Or not, you can just copy the code.

Then, paste it in here:
in the user script part. Next hit ‘Compile!’ and it will generate you a .xpi file.

You can open that file and your firefox add-ons window will pop-up asking you to install it. for god sakes people, install it!
Restart your browser and when you open it again you will find led blinky goodness.

You’ll have these EVERYWHERE:


I learned it from Jamie and Tobi of http://fffff.at
The amazing animated gif was drawn by Bre,and the code was written LIVE during class by Jamie.
And I had these blinky LEDs in my browser the entire time while writing this blog post, which has made my life so much better.

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