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Jan 172009

CCC Kansas City needs help paying rent so there holding a raffle and giving away a fancy new Macbook

Ok, so you probably heard that we are moving into the cave — as it turns out our landlord wants some money for this privilege. We are REALLY close to having the capital we need to be a thriving hackerspace, but we still need build-out materials, tools, and some basic infrastructure. CCCKC is now offering the Hackerspace community a raffle to help raise some funds to make this possible. By helping us start up, you could win a Macbook for CHEAP!

So, click here to win yourself a new MacBook…

  9 Responses to “Help The Cowtown Computer Congress Make Rent & Win a Brand New Macbook”

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  1. Step up folks. This is an investment in the future!

  2. Feelin’ lucky, so I bought two.

  3. I’m in for 2 also – and I don’t even use a Mac.

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