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Jan 122009


Free hats!

The road to ham radio is paved with free stuff...

Four of the Resistors made it out to the Ham Radio University 2009 in Bethpage, NY last Sunday.

HRU is a day long convention of amateur radio operators holding forums on various topics of interest to radio operators, including digital modes, best practices, long distance (DX) communications strategies, emergency services developments, and ham radio license exams.

Diana and Bill successfully passed the General Class license upgrade, giving them access to frequencies below 30 MHz on the amateur bands.  30MHz represents the common denominator between the shorter range bands open to the basic class amateur, and the lower frequency bands that typically traverse continents and oceans.

We came away with an appreciation for tiny world-capable antennas, new digital voice gear from Icom, and piqued interest in DX contesting – the art of individuals to wrangle radio waves to reach out to specific parts of the world and communicate with others without relying on anything more than the ether to carry their signal.

… oh, and free hats.

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  1. Outstanding! Congratulations to Diana and Bill on their recent upgrade to General Class. A wonderful world of wireless communication awaits both of them.

    I operate 25-watts into a simple wire antenna made from copper and bagged a few rhino DX stations with my straightforward station. In fact, my transceiver is built by Yaesu, and their hats are essential gear.

    Again, congratulations Diana and Bill, on your recent success. Life is high frequency.

    Scot, KA3DRR

  2. Will Resistor be offering HAM licensing classes now? I’d really like to take some, and the only other option in NYC is way the eff out in Queens on a line which tends to be running local on the weekend days when class is offered 😛

    • Gus, we’re planning to pursue VEC accreditation at some point, but at the moment I think we’re just getting our bearings. From what I understand the club @ Columbia was offering them?

  3. Columbia VE session info:

    For the size that NYC is, there is a great lack of VE sessions. If people have access to a car, the suburbs seem to be chock full of them, see .

    Wow, growing number of NYC Resistor licensed radio amateurs… when will we see the dipoles going up on the roof?

    Chris N2MCS

  4. Yea ham radio.
    I have my technician liscense but no equiptment 🙁

  5. I hope that New York Resistor might stimulate new interest in amateur radio among the resident in Brooklyn by offering licensing courses on its site and over the internet.
    It could promotes radio contests ranging from regional to international.
    The best place to start is to recruit students at N Y Polytechnic Institute, N Y Tech college, Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn College and Brooklyn Tech H.S.

  6. wow. nice yaesu's cap


  7. i like that yaesu's cap


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