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One Apple I love.

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Jan 102009
Will pictured.

Will pictured.

I think of apple. I am reminded of the age of Woz, and how he literally ushered in the age of the PC with a near divine mastery of hardware design. Then I am reminded of Steve Jobs and how he ruined apple, stole from xerox, and ultimately produced a laptop that clearly resembled a neon toilet seat. And daily I am reminded of that tool, as I have to wade through a sea of ugly white and silver overly expensive Taiwanese crapple laptops on my way to pick up a Hot Cocoa and a rainbow cookie at the local Starbucks. But all that aside, I have a story to tell you all. It’s not a story of great design, miserable design, or anything you’d likely care about. It’s simply the story of my friend Will, and his little laptop that could.

Will has been a friend of mine a long time, and he was at the past NYC Resistor Halloween party. He came as a tcp/ip packet. Well, probably more than half a decade ago now he had a house fire. His apple laptop sadly, was in the house at the time and suffered incredible damage. The above picture demonstrates the severity of the burns suffered by this laptop. Below is a shot of the rear of the laptop.

held by phiz.

held by phiz.

Well it suffices to say, with all the water damage from the fire fight, and the obvious burning and subsequent melting of the machine… it looked like a pretty grim fate for the machine. Though personally I’d say it was an improvement on the aesthetic design.

Low and behold though, that little crappy underpowered and truly ugly device actually somehow defied all odds and powered on. Not only did it power on, the damned thing worked. Never in my entire life have I been more astounded, than the day I saw an apple stand up the the flames of hell itself and come back better than it had been when it went in.

pics, it did happen.

pics, it did happen.

Little Apple that survived burning, I salute you!

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  1. That’s not been caused by a house fire, his battery got hot instead 😉

    This message comes to you from an overpriced white PC clone. I like my MacBook, but it is just a very expensive and averagely made PC now.

  2. Wow!

    I don’t even think that has something to do with the quality of the computer, that is just luck.

  3. That is too cool.

  4. Hi I think your post ?? it?s really great. Hope some another good post to read on this blog in the future. Take care.

  5. wow. you can’t make designs that cool. only a natural disaster is capable of such things.

    the chips I understand, if they were offline and not directly exposed to the flames they could survive…. but how did the LCD display make it? shouldn’t the crystals deform?

  6. Wow that’s pretty crazy. Has the new and old apple products been tested and compared? Kinda want to see what has better craftsmanship!

  7. I am amused by the insult to Apple laptops while happily admitting one gets their coffee from Starbucks (who hasn’t made decent coffee in years). Having just had the chance to use a new Macbook- I simply can’t agree with the overpriced assessment. One need only close the screen or pick up the laptop by the corner to feel the quality (Close the screen from one corner and the other corner still touches the case at the same time- no flexing. The same goes for picking up the whole thing by a corner- it simply’s doesn’t flex). My HP and Dell laptops are positively jokes by comparison- and my Fujitsu and IBM laptops cost more than the Macbook while still not delivering a superior experience. I don’t agree with a lot of Apple’s products and decisions, but the current generation Macbook is a work of art and an engineering masterpiece.

  8. Little did they know that the laptop had become more powerful than the Emperor had foreseen…!

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