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Dec 312008

Nicolle from PSONE

Nicolle from Pumping Station One, a hacker space initiative in Chicago visited NYC Resistor today.  Pumping Station One does not have a home yet, but has begun organizing their paperwork for a 501c3 application.  The project has been going since November, and seems to be off to a terrific start.  We worked with Nicolle to laser cut the P.S. One logo.  We wish these guys all the best.  If you are interested in starting your own hackspace, checkout

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  1. thank you so much for having me over yesterday and for working on the logo. i had a great time at NYC Resistor, and i can’t want until we’ve got pumping station: one up and running for you to visit!

  2. Wow, Nicky on the front page! :3

  3. Nicolle, it was my pleasure. I am sure if it had been the other way around you’d have been twice as accommodating =P!

  4. Excellent, I was wondering where all the Chicago hackers were getting together. I will most definitely check this out.

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