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Dec 162008

Last year I made my nearly annual journey to Cleveland Ohio for one of my personal favorite conferences, Notacon.  Notacon has never been a purely “tech” conference, but instead focuses on the areas where tech meets art and creativity.  As a result it wasn’t long before someone attempted to bring back what is now a lost art for the most part in the United States… The demo scene.  Block party is the demoscene event that occurs at Notacon.  I was literally blown away by several of the entries last year.  Of particular notority was Jeri Ellsworth’s Custom FPGA board.  I am looking forward to going again this year, but I thought I’d post about it for everyone else’s benefit.  You can read more about the events here:

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  1. …and when you say you were literally blown away, what you presumably mean is that you were figuratively blown away.

  2. @DJFelix

    I honestly forget, it would be nice if they put a little more effort into their site to be sure.

    @Glen Raphael

    I just flew in and boy my arms are tired.

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