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Nov 162008

So a month ago or so was my older brother’s wedding. I needed to get him a card, but I always felt that the canned card approach to events like weddings especially for direct family members was a bit… too impersonal. So I decided the night before the wedding to put together a card. That attempt failed… largely due to time constraints… Though I did actually pump out the entire 280 LED matrix that night as well as mount the controller chips.

I showed some pictures of the project to my brother on his wedding day and he’s been getting updates when I am in town with time and inclination to finish the card. Today I finally got around to completing the wiring of the card and took some video of a test pattern. Still some bugs left to work out…. but I like the results to date.

Using 2 MAX6952 LED array driver chips from Maxin, and a Boarduino to control the card. Got 500 or so 3mm LEDs from for the array. The back of the array was hand soldered using the LED leds and lead free solder. The faceplate was cut on our laser… and the DXF for it is available on thingaverse (OMFG DOX DROPPED).

Anyways I think DIY greeting cards should be a big part of the coming holiday season… especially with times as they are.

Anyways enjoy the LEDs.

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