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Danger Shield Build

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Oct 212008

Marc de Vink posted a nice video demoing the Danger Shield I created over at MAKE Blog. This little board was designed for teaching people how to program for the Arduino and if you sign up for classes, I’ll teach you how to program an Arduino using one of these little guys.

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  1. This is fantastic! I love that you managed to play a song with this.
    My desire to own (and learn how to program) a danger sheild has increased dramatically!

  2. Dude… I am officially nominating you for “Geek of the Year” 2008 for that performance of Darth Vader’s Theme.

  3. Can’t come to the classes (I’m on the wrong coast), but I appreciate having a Danger Shield to play with! Still need to assemble mine.

  4. totally agree with the previous comment about “Geek of the Year”. Being able to play a Star Wars Theme song on this thing is an amazing skill. You’re awesome

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