Oct 192008

Thanks to Justin’s hard work we have an internet party line link to two teletypes at NYCResistor.

Here’s some video of us watching the live feed of teletype traffic coming in from the internets.

 Posted by at 1:41 am
  • Hello guys. Met one of your members at Maker Faire in Austin this weekend. I am part of a Computer modding group here called Austin Modders. She asked me if we had a Teletype machine, blew over my head what we would do with one but that is pretty interesting. You guys have some cool stuff going on here.

  • Tyler

    HAHAHA, obre, very interesting I too must buy one of these

  • neon

    this is very, very interesting, but how exactly does it work? what is the teletype hooked up to? what comprises this setup? it’s really cool.

  • Pat F

    What model is this? When I heard rumours about you guys getting it, I was hoping it was a ASR 33. But its much newer than that.

  • neon

    it’s a texas instruments silent 700, i think.