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Oct 152008

Several of the Resistors made it out to Bug Labs for Alicia’s Open Haus.

Zach (and Jen,) Max, Bill (and Melody,) and Alicia, of course (she’s a Resistor) made it over to Bug Labs for their open haus.  Alicia has arranged a delightful little space with excellent hardware (oh, the joy of corporate sponsorship and a Sparkfun account!)  If you want to go hack there, just contact them and set up some time.  They have all sorts of goodies, like Zigbee boards, Bluetooth transceivers, motion sensors, distance sensors, wire, breadboards, Arduinos, Gumstix, Beagles…  Lots of toys!

We had a good time hanging with the Bug Labs kids!  It’s a fun group and if you’re in New York City it would be worth stopping by.

Now if we can just convince Alicia that Bug Labs really wants Resistor to do a “review” of the stuff.  You know.  That would be real cool… you know…  Alicia?  Hellooooo???

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  1. YEEEEeeeess!! Hellllo!! I hear you barkin big dog!

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