Oct 142008

NYC Resistor Class Photo 10-14-08

Two for two. Stay tuned for another exciting meeting photo next week.

 Posted by at 9:33 pm
  • My god…that’s a cool office, not where I work…is such…geek…

    Only a joke…The man with the green t-shirt is a bit extrange…he has a third arm on his belly!!!(Excuse my english)

    Great blog!!

  • bre

    Adam has a habit of insulting cameras.

  • Daggles

    Now this looks like a productive, creative group about to come up with an idea to save the world or the whales or both! I do like the guy with the third arm growing out of his stomach, he can probably be extra productive in a geeky sort of way!

  • Matt

    I’ve actually been working on a combat drone to fight the growing whale threat.

  • Pawl

    You’ve got a Pesth√∂rnchen flag. That’s nice!