Oct 132008

An NYCR Minute from Matt Joyce on Vimeo.

Life at a hacklab is pretty crazy, and from time to time you need to poke your head up and smell the roses so to speak.  So here is one minute of NYCResistor.  Taken Sunday night just before 11pm.  After a hard day of hacking away.

Yeah, life in a hackerspace is pretty much candycanes and unicorns.

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  • bre

    my favorite part is Justin staring down his computer.

  • Matt

    Can you spot Eric Skiff?

  • matt

    NYC resistor Cute female alert

  • At least you didn’t get a video of me losing my balance and totally biting it.

  • Matt

    It’s weird I took two videos and in both you did the exact same thing. It’s like it was fated to happen.

  • phooky

    Wow. DDR actually looks a lot like bad tapdancing.