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Sep 102008
Nk Amsterdam 022
News Knitter Sweaters

News Knitter Sweaters

Meet News Knitter. It’s described as: “… a data visualization project which focuses on knitted garments as an alternative medium to visualize large scale data.” The sweaters are all designed pulling in feeds from Google News and a few other local news sources and parsing them through Processing. Some really interesting images and approaches to data visualization end up in blue, black and red on these garments. The project was created by Mahir M. Yavuz, MFA and Ebru Kurbak, MSc, both PHd students at Kunstuniversität Linz (I have no idea what that word means or even how to say it, but I am assuming it’s a University).

I couldn’t find any details about whether it’s open source or if some of the Processing code is available? It would be nice to make a news t-shirt.

Newsknitter Ars 07-11

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  1. “Kunstuniversität Linz” == “The Art University of Linz”

    Very cool, very creative, but talk about a passing fad…. “Your sweater says McCain chose Palin, that was *soooo* last week”

  2. little german-english here:

    – kunst: art
    – universität: university/college

    see leo dictionary or beolingus for good translations

    kunstuniversität linz is a school for “artistic and industrial design”


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