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Sep 052008

On set of the History Hacker's Infinity Workshop

Hey folks, here’s the long of the short of it, Bre Pettis has a pilot of his very own TV show coming out!!  Whether his show will air for a whole season depends on the Neilsen ratings, which is the TV equivalent of a little black box watching what you’re watching!  His Neilsen ratings depend on you to watch the pilot.  Here’s the info:

History Channel



If you’re not home, Tivo it. But ok, maybe you’re reading this saying, what’s in it for me?   Consider the gasps you’ve heard from people who are uneducated about hacking when you utter the word. The concept of hacking in this country is highly unfavorable due to the fact that most people don’t have a clue what hacking means and haven’t read about the ethics and manifestos behind it. Airing a show like this on national television brings an educational background and understanding for hacking and hackers to the masses. And besides, knowing Bre, you’ll probably see how to make some really cool stuff!

This decade is ours – 2000s belong to the geeks! Let’s take it all the way to the top!

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  1. Wow, i really like the idea, congratulations 🙂

    I’ll be watching Bre’s show 😀
    Although, i don’t think it will help too much, becouse i don’t have TiVo and i live in Chile… but i’ll watch it anyway 😉

  2. Damn. Makes me wish I had TV.

  3. Social hack a bar, go and ask them to change the channel. 🙂

  4. Congrats, Bre!

  5. Finally someone putting the term ‘hacker’ out in mainstream media with a positive spin. Best of luck, Bre. We’ll be watching in STL.

  6. set up a series recording on my dvr and seems so far its only showing up as that one episode. will it all depend on the ratings of the first show to determine if they will pick it up?

  7. just read depends on the ratings, disregard my last comment.

  8. Hey Bre,
    I told my students to watch on Friday and they were all excited. They knew you from Weekend Projects and were surprised to hear that you are minutes away from them in downtown Brooklyn.

  9. I’m watching the show now. This Bre Pettis guy is what hacking means? Goofy guy using rediculous slang? That’s not a positive spin.

  10. Yes, but this guy is not history, and his show is not about history. Would and your little fucking movemnet stop ruining the HC

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