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Aug 192008

Oh yes, that is indeed a freshly cut laser cutter just ready to cut with lasers! Unfortunately, due to shipping and installation delays we can’t actually use it yet. It’s the worst kind of tension, like using the one-present-rule to open half of a two parter on Christmas eve. All we can do is look, drool a little, pour over the manuals again, and dream of all the things that will soon be cut, etched or otherwise mangled with pinpoint laser accuracy.

Here’s some of the ideas bounding about the space, keeping us all up at night (in no particular order):

  • A housing for The Stribe
  • Cut and etch a picture of James Bond, and then slice it in half
  • One of those dinosaurs that you punch out of wood and fit together
  • Small floral silhouettes that can be used as pendants or earrings
  • Cut some geometric art created with Context Free
  • Some cardboard prototypes for a loom
  • Some general geometric interlocking stuff
  • An acrylic coat of arms
  • A jig for “real” megascroller
  • A “finger” mechanism for crawling robot
  • Some thin penrose tiles for penrose scarf
  • NYCR laser coasters (for Friends of Resistor)
  • And of course the obligatory etching of logos, warnings, and expressions into various Apple products

These all sound pretty good to me. What would you LAZZ?

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  1. How about some mitnick-esque business cards?

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