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Aug 172008

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This week NYC Resistor will be hosting Make:NYC for a third time. If you enjoy the DIY community and want to be a part of it, or already are, you are welcome to attend. The event is free, and open to all.

Make:NYC is a group I help run, and Resistor has been kind of enough to lend us space to do cool stuff at cost to myself and several other organizing individuals. We do ask that people participating in events at Make:NYC please donate whatever they can afford to, or deem to be reasonable. We don’t make money off these events, and while we are glad to take a loss just to see you guys enjoy them… It is always nice to still have enough cash afterwards to eat dinner.

That being said, this weeks event will be a pinwheel power generator challenge. We had a lot of fun with our blimp team face off and we think it’s time for another challenge event. All are welcome, regardless of skill level.

Additionally, if you have a project that you think is awesome, please bring it. We love when people show off the things they’ve made and we’re pretty sure most people showing up will be more than happy to see what you’ve created. So show up Thursday at 6:30 pm and have some fun. Meet some people. Become part of a growing DIY community. Make things.

More information is available at

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