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Aug 092008

Mario Mario Mario Mario Mario Mario

Here’s my game from the recent art party. One of my co-workers has the all-time high score of 9600. Go download it and use your favorite emulator and break 10000!

Don’t have an emulator? Go download one here. Install that and use it to open the .gba file. Post your scores in the comments!

Here’s the game
Here’s the source

  5 Responses to “Download and play “Mario Mario Mario Mario Mario”!”

Comments (5)
  1. This is great

  2. Can Mario jump? if so, what’s the keyboard mapping for that on a Mac? (I finally figured out return/enter is “start” and the left-right arrows work, but that’s all I’ve got so far.)

  3. Yep, Mario can jump.. Press “A”. I think this is normally mapped to the Control key.

  4. Turns out jump is mapped to “Z”. And Esc toggles fullscreen. Nifty!

  5. I believe my high score is only 8900! I’ll gladly pretend its 9600, however.

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