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Aug 082008

I do all of my hacking at the NYC Resistor hacker space, and I’m proud to announce the most recent fruit of my labors: the Sanguino. This board is an Arduino-compatible board that boasts 4x the memory (64K!) 4x the RAM (4K!) and 12 more pins (32 IO pins!) Its all open source and you can get one from the RepRap Research Foundation for only $25. Sweet!

Oh, and I managed to get this footage last night. Check it out.

Sanguino: Arduino’s Big Brother from Zach 'Iowa' Hoeken on Vimeo.

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  1. woot! more silicon! it looks dangerous, don’t let it steal your supply of Club Mate!

  2. Why not use the ATxmega256A1 LOLz, havent the chip been on the market? i think i saw it…

    That would be cool, Itll be like a little monster… Remeber not to tell Mom! she doesnt like pets, and neither monsters that turn on lights can run or EVEN THINK!

  3. i guess you didnt watch the video. the atmega644p is the most powerful NON-SMT part available.

  4. I gotta say man, you came out with this at just the right time. I’m doing a 5*5*7 LED cube for a senior project (high school graduation requirement) and you saved me the hassle of getting two ATMega168 to talk to each other. I’ll save that for another day. Keep doing what you do guys, and I loved History Hacker!

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