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Aug 072008

ROBO craft origami, that’s what. Jeff Rutzky came to NYCResistor to show us his amazing ROBO Craft Cutting Plotter. This is normally used by the scrapbooking community to get precision cuts in paper but Jeff has gotten a little more creative. He uses origami designs and has programmed his ROBO to score mountain folds and valley folds into various materials for packaging designs. Watch the video where is machine cuts and scores the pattern for a business card holder, which he’s holding in the image above! As a designer and published author his portfolio is pretty impressive. We’re always excited when technology and art come together in creative forms. Thanks for showing us your stuff Jeff!

Video: ROBO cutting and scoring Jeff’s business card holder

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  1. Thx so much! I had a super time.

    Just to clarify, the business card holder, known as a PolyPost™ ( was designed by Chris K Palmer, a good folding friend, and über geometer.

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