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Jul 292008

Ok, well, erm, sorry for all the Fail Whale’s yesterday… We had a little too much fun at NYCR last night.

Moving back to the world of blinking LED’s and robots… isn’t this little guy, cute? He, I mean, it, was developed by the University of the West of England and are called Emotibots. They are currently on display at London’s Science Museum. The scary, yet sad, looking robot above and below is called the Heart Bot. If you hug it, it will relax and hug you back and it’s pulse changes. If you grab it and shake, or yell, Heart Bot gets scared and sad, just like my cat! More on these little cute robots… here.

  3 Responses to “Drunk looking Robots want a hug too!”

Comments (3)
  1. umm… he’s kind of scary looking. what is this half sheep half human? let’s go back to fail whales.

  2. more proof that i should get a robot instead of an unconditionally loving dog. Then I can turn it off when i go to work during the day.

  3. They don't looks so lovely or huggable I'd much rather have a pet. I've seen similar robots used for therapy at the Drug Rehab in Provo with good results, which comes to show how important affection is. I still believe that machines are not the best surrogates for human interaction, pets are much more suitable.

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