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Jul 172008

Rob Faludi

Rob Faludi and Kate Hartman posted about the protype version of the XBEE Lilypad. The Lilypad is the incredibly small — wearable version — of the Arduino, and to borrow a phrase from a well known advertisment, the XBEE ‘gives it wings!’. Not sure how much power this require through the Lilypad, but I can think of 500 amazing projects this could be used for. Check out the post on Rob’s site to learn more about the direction of the project.

Oh, and when you’re done reading about fun electronic prototypes, you can check out their recipe for a nice glass of Vegan Pork Martini. Yes, I said that right!

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  1. Can you tell which Maxstream XBee module this is? They have several. The XBee module really is a wrapper for the Ember EM250 soc ZigBee module. There are at least two different modules that don’t interoperate well.

    And is there any information on the ZigBee stack? Maxstream/Digi has their own ideas about stacks, and may or may not offer access to the full Ember ZigBee software

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