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Jul 172008

The videos below were Directed and Creative Directed by James Frost, Aaron Koblin was the Technical Director, Justin Glorieux was the Executive Producer, Google stored the code, etc. etc. and they all teamed up (along with tons of other talented people) with Radiohead to make this amazing video for the song ‘House of Cards’. Aaron, best known for his Flight Patterns project is a Processing genius, and James Frost has worked with tons of amazing bands, which is all clearly evident in the video they helped create.

The about video below really shows how the entire team made this happen, but one of the most impressive parts of the shoot is the fact that they didn’t even use a video camera. The data was captured by a Geometric Informatics camera and a Lidar system, both of which determine the X, Y, and Z, coordinates of an object which were then filtered into processing to create the scenes below. The code is also available in Google Code and there’s a gorgeous interactive element where you can see the data being visualized on the X, Y, Z axis.

You can learn more about the video at James Frost’s website here.

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