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Jun 292008

Check out some of our brand-spanking-new classes for July!

PHP for Beginners

Learn the basics of PHP, one of the most popular languages for creating dynamic web pages and web applications. We’ll cover variables, functions, constants, handy tricks to make things easier, and what you’ll need to get your first script up and running. No programming experience required. Taught by Kelly.

Etching Your Own PCBs

Use common materials to etch your own printed circuit boards. The class will cover a few different methods of transferring your design, and use ferric chloride to etch. Bring your own circuit layout if you like (not required), no larger than 3″x5″. Taught by Kelly.

Beginning Csound

Csound is the most powerful computer music language in the world, with a direct lineage to Max Mathews’ original Music-N languages. The focus of this class will be a synthesis of three topics: The Csound language, synthesizer theory, and composing weird alien music.
Together, we will demystify the assembly-like syntax of the Csound language. We will cover the fundamentals of synthesizer theory, including: oscillators, filters, envelopes, amplifiers and modulation. Finally, we’ll tie it all together by composing sounds in the vein of classic Sci-Fi movies. Taught by Jacob.

Zach is also reprising his Arduino series, so if you missed it the first time around here’s your chance to get in on the Arduino action. There are three classes, Arduino 101: Hello World, Arduino Programming: If Funky Get Loopy, and Arduino Programming: Sensory Overload.

As always, you can see the full list of classes here.

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