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Jun 042008

Pleo is a company making intersting ‘robots for human interaction’. The video above is a demo of Ugobi, a life-like dinosaur. It has 35 touch sensors in it’s back and numerous servos controling all aspects of it’s body. It’s a pretty interesting product, and anything that helps bring robots into the mainstream I’m all for. Anyone seen these in person, or even better, hacked one?

  2 Responses to “Ugobi, Lifelike Robot”

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  1. I’m so attached already, I didn’t want to stop watching the video! Come back Pleo!!

  2. Not to be one of those annoying people from the internet, but Ugobi is the company and Pleo is the dinosaur.

    That being said, I’ve wanted one since they came out (almost…), but I couldn’t hack it…too cute…poor little Pleo, I want you happy not sad…

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