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Jun 042008

Have you ever wanted your electronics projects to make sound? Are you interested in making your own electronic musical instruments? Do you love the sound of lo-fi electronics and 8-bit music? If so, have I got news for you!

I’ll be teaching a class on Arduino Audio in a couple of weeks, June 18th to be exact. The focus is very much on generating sound using the Arduino microcontroller, and a smattering of inexpensive parts.

I’ll be covering:

  • Basics of sound generation with a microcontroller
  • Making sound by toggling digital pins under software control (and why it’s limited)
  • Introduction to R/C (resistor capacitor) oscillator circuits
  • Using digipots to control R/C oscillators
  • Advanced digipot control: scheduling, polyphony and ADSR envelopes
  • Other approaches (Note: I won’t be covering sample playback – my focus will be on synthesis. Lady Ada’s excellent WaveShield for Arduino is a great way to achieve sample playback instead.)

You’ll come out of the two hour class with a working, breadboard-mounted circuit using AD5206 digipots to play back 3 (or 6) voices of modulated square wave sound!

You’ll need to bring your own laptop computer and Arduino board. Please bring your favorite sensors and interface devices – we can work on interfacing them during the class. The class price includes a parts kit, with digipots, stereo jacks, oscillator chip, breadboard, and various assorted components.

You can read about my previous experiments and projects on my Arduino Audio blog pages.

If you’re interested, sign up using this Eventbrite link.

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