Apr 032008

Dan's laser etched Magritte powerbook

NYCResistor wants to buy a Laser Etching Machine. We’re trying to figure out financially how we’d pay for it, and here’s the questions: If we get one, what would you use it for? Maybe you’d want to laser etch your iPhone, or a PCB, or maybe even your thumbs? Let us know in the comments.

Also, any suggestions of places in the the Tri-State area that we could get a decent etcher (used, discounted, leased etc.) please let us know.

How cool would be to say ‘Fire the Las-or!’

  • Why not get a list (maybe on the Wiki) where people can place a pre-order to get something etched and then you guys setup a basic fee (s,m,l) for them. And when you get a reasonable amount of orders, buy it!
    The Zing model is about $8000.
    ask $100 per. get 80 people. 100×80= LAZERZ!1!1

  • The question isn’t how much do people want to etch (Because we do!), it’s how easy/cheap the threshold of entry is.

  • Checkout this episode from the Revision3 Gazette

    O and i’m trying to buy one to 😉

  • Matt Joyce

    I would use it to pop popcorn.

  • Rob G

    I’d strap it to the head of a shark. And then “etch” any secret agents I caught infiltrating my evil lair.

  • My Sony eBook reader has a huge, boringly plain back plate that could certainly use some improvement… as could some USB drives I can never tell apart without stickers.

  • I would use it to make bad-ass business cards. You owe me if you do this!

  • @Dan … just like Kevin 😉

  • Niki

    Keep in mind that not only do you need a laser, you need the space, ventilation and a vacuum system to go with it. A friend of mine has one that he original bought to self-publish a book — all told he spent over $15,000 on it. He also said it’s hard to maintain and even with the vacuum and ventilation he needs to wear a mask while do production runs.

  • Kelly

    I’m not sure what I’d etch but I’m positive it would involve my scooter.