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Mar 192008

Space Invaders iPhone

Laser etching Space Invaders on my iPhone

I had to do it… couldn’t resist(or). Now I have an iPhone with a pseudo game of Space Invaders on the back… Special thanks to Phil Torrone and Ladyada for letting me use the laser etcher 3000.

UPDATE: Don’t forget to DIGG this article here. Thanks!

  8 Responses to “I Laser Etched my iPhone!”

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  1. That’s the coolest laser etching I’ve ever seen.

  2. Dude, coolest etching ever.

  3. Eric Wilhelm from also did this with his iPhone.
    It wasn’t Space Invaders, but it was the Instructables Robot.

    Nice job anyways.

  4. i might buy an iphone just so i can do that

  5. That is one very cool laser etch!

    And that is coming from someone that does it part time for a living. The place I work for does lots of laser etching, but only wedding pictures, little kids, dead dog pet memorials, that kind of stuff, and only in marble, granite etc. No I phones or computers, nothing I would like to try. Maybe some of you could do me a favor and drop an e-mail to the owner and tell him he should be etching i-phones and computers too. He won’t listen to me, but if he hears it from others he gets the idea he is losing some sales, he just might change his tune. His e-mail is [email protected].



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