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Mar 042008


Great, simple, idea. An etch-a-sketch hooked up to an old mouse with a couple of stepper motors, wired through RS232 connectors, a couple of couplers (I love saying that), and a nothing-fancy Atmel Mega 32.

Imagine the possibilities this could hold? Actually being able to draw a circle on an etch-a-sketch! We should build this and marry it up with Bre’s code for printing images of of people and we can have an etch-a-sketch Portrait Maker 3000! Here’s the link to the schematic, the code and the instructions.

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  1. Another great mod for this would be to put some type of memory on it to record the design created with the mouse to then print with Bre’s printer to have a printable etch-a-sketch.

  2. It should be pluggable to any etch-a-sketch, maybe by attaching motors to turn-knobs that are usually removable. This way it’ll be able to draw on every etch-a-sketch.

    We have a wall of etch-a-sketch in the office put there by Marketing folks – when I saw them I immediately imagined this kind of device for a prank – drawing some cool stuff on all of them (e.g. portraits or whatever) after work so next day they come and freak out on “someone’s etch-a-sketching skills” 😉

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