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Dec 032007


This is a great new product SparkFun is selling. It’s called the ScreenKey RGB Graphic Button and is described on the site as follows: ‘The RGB24T can be programmed to display any text or graphics on its 36×24 pixel display. The programmable backlight can illuminate the graphic display with many different colors. With a simple microcontroller, you can change the display and backlight once the button is pressed. It’s an on-the-fly configurable, multicolor, multidisplay button!’

Here is the link to the Example Code so you can play with it and have some fun. More info at

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  1. Wow – these are extremely cool! even just as a multi-state button they’re awesome. Imagine building a drum machine where the buttons could toggle through multiple settings rather than just on or off.

    I love the UI idea that a button says what it does right on it, and this takes that to the real world.

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